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Meet Larry

Larry Szeliga is the founder and CEO of MYOB Publishing, LLC, a company dedicated to providing others the knowledge and skills needed to help reach their greatest potential and improve their standard of living through books, articles, training, and coaching. He is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, business consultant, and certified life coach. 


Larry struggled with his finances despite a successful career as a “C Level Executive” with a 6-figure income and a history of managing multi-million-dollar companies through decades of profitable growth. It was baffling how he could develop year-over-year growth for these large corporations, but was hiding from the bill collector! It all came to a head that led to divorce and eventually to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in 2012. It was a wake-up call! He took control of his life and his finances and retired in 2019 with enough money that he never has to work again.


It is Larry’s firm belief that all people want to succeed in life, and are a source of enormous, untapped potential. He’s on a mission to help them unleash that potential and recognize that “Your life is your business, and YOU ARE THE BOSS!!!”

CelebrityPress Editor’s Choice Award WinnerCertified Professional 

 Coach from Fowler Wainwright International

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Escape the

Studies show that 78% of working adult Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck, earning just enough money to pay their bills each month.

Even successful businessman and author, Larry Szeliga, found himself living this way for decades. This wasn’t the standard of living he deserved, and certainly it is not what you deserve. It’s time to take control of your personal finances! His latest book, “Escape the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Lifestyle,” will show you how you can change your habits, mindset, negative self-talk, and develop the persistence to stick with it. Set goals, strengthen your finances, and say goodbye to worrying about money!

You deserve to enjoy each moment of your life. You have the ability to achieve financial stability… and it starts here within these pages. So, sit back, relax, and learn how to manage your personal finances to take your life back!

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"Larry has a vast experience in the business world that spans decades. His ability to deal with global client relationships is impressive and his entrepreneurial nature has allowed him to find solutions that are beneficial for all parties. I always welcome his perspective on topics that relate to the intersection between people and business."
- John E. Moriarty
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