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Financial Literacy Talk

Most of my life, I lived paycheck-to-paycheck…stressing about bill collectors, struggling to put gas in the car and food on the table, repossession, foreclosure, and divorce. It took me filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy before I woke up and did something about it. In seven years, I retired without financial worries. I am sharing my journey, because you don’t have to live this way. Let me show your students and their parents the importance of becoming financially literate and taking control of their money today for a better life in the future.

Empower Your Future: Breaking Free from Financial Struggles through Literacy

Designed For: High-school students and their parents

My talk illustrates the impact of financial instability, and how embracing a different mindset and few techniques will help you make informed decisions now and at every stage of life.

This talk focuses on inclusivity and open discussions and conforms to Title 1 requirements to ensure that everyone’s needs are met and valued.

Leadership Talks

 Advancing from an hourly laborer to CEO of a global company, you can say I learned a few things over my 50 years of experience. So many challenges to face and overcome on a regular basis…imposter syndrome, employee retention, creating an engaging workplace culture…it was a never-ending list of responsibilities. But if I learned one thing, it’s that leadership is not just about having a title, but about inspiring others and driving positive change. I will share practical strategies and insights to enhance effectiveness, transforming you into an influential leader vital to your organization’s success.  

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Unleashing Leadership Potential: A Journey Transforming Managers into Influential Leaders

Designed For: Business owners and managers

Drawing on over five decades of experience and deep knowledge of Organizational Development, my leadership talks are not just lectures, but interactive experiences. I emphasize the importance of understanding not just a leader's roles and responsibilities but also their purpose. By exploring the skills needed to motivate and inspire, I help managers boost their effectiveness to become powerful, influential leaders. 

This talk is not just informative but transformative, ideal for managers who desire to become more effective leaders and leaders interested in maximizing their organization's full potential.

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Embracing Tomorrow: Unleash Your
Leadership Revolution

Designed For: Business owners and leaders

Buck the system of traditional leadership and become the visionary leader of tomorrow, today. This specialized talk for business owners and leaders cover critical topics such as building high-potential teams, creating engaging workplace cultures, fostering organizational adaptability, resilience, and continuous improvement. 

These sessions impart valuable knowledge and skills while inspiring attendees to pursue excellence.

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